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Berlin. The most vegan friendly city in the entire world. When we arrived in Berlin, one glance at‘s map and it was a sea of green markers representing all of the vegan options. Unfortunately, we were in Berlin for only three days so vegan options we were exposed to were limited but I’ll share what we ate!

First, one of Berlin’s vegan gems. Similar to Portland’s vegan strip mall, Berlin has a similar set up where there are a handful of vegan businesses all in one place.

veganz corner


Veganz, is one of the first all vegan grocery stores. They have three locations throughout Berlin and more throughout Germany and neighboring countries. (AND will be opening a location in good ol’ Portland, Oregon!) It’s definitely a treat not having to read all of the ingredients and be able to have everything a grocery store can offer. I would suggest visiting Veganz when you plan on making dinner that night. We didn’t end up shopping there because weren’t returning to our Airbnb any time soon.


Connected to the Veganz grocery store, is Goodies a small vegan cafe with drinks and pre-made dishes.

carbonara masala salat

We had some delicious pre-made pastas and soup for lunch.



Going upstairs you can find Avesu Vegan Shoes and The Bowl. The Bowl was only around a month old when we were in Berlin so I wasn’t too familiar with it. If we had known they are a completely vegan restaurant we would have gone there. (Maybe. Their prices didn’t agree with our backpacking travel budget. Goodies [which also owns The Bowl, apparently] was a solid choice for us.)


Avesu Vegan Shoes is full of stylish, well-made shoes and accessories. If I planned ahead better, maybe buying a pair could have been an option. Next time! Their online shop is well stocked, though!

cookies cream

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal at Cookies Cream. Half of the fun was finding the place! It’s in a warehouse district of Berlin so we had to go through a shipping and receiving area looking for a chandelier. Crazy, huh?!

cookies cream (2)

Cookies Cream is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, so just let your server know and they will point you in the right direction on the menu. Yum!


Südblock is an omnivore restaurant with vegan options. (It was near our Airbnb, so it worked out perfectly.) I enjoyed Südblock but I only really suggest it if you’re in the area or with omnivore people. The ingredients in my dish were primarily canned… but it was a good price! And it has a great patio though! (and beer!)

Rae from Love From Berlin

I got to meet my blogger friend, Rae IRL while we were in Berlin as well! It was a pleasure to meet her and hear her perspective on being an American living and working in Berlin. Please go visit her blog which is all about living more consciously (a subject matter I’m definitely interested in!).

vegan option at the train station!

I was thrilled to learn and be able to partake in the vegan option available at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the central train station. Le Crobag offers vegan tofu sandwiches that are very delicious! The tofu is a great texture and seasoned very well. Definitely recommend grabbing one when you arrive or depart from Berlin!

I cannot wait to return to Berlin to explore the city and the vegan options they have to offer. I hope you found this little guide helpful. Have you been to Berlin? Any suggestions on where to go and what to eat? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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– Christina

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  • 10 seconds into reading this post I decided I *have* to go back and visit Berlin again! It looks like an absolute gold mine, and damn those food photos look delicious. Also thanks for recommending Rae’s blog, I’m checking it out now and it seems right up my street!

    • You’re so sweet, Nadine! I feel like I could go to Berlin endlessly. I hope you enjoy Rae’s blog! Thanks for visiting. ?

  • I basically lived in Veganz when I was in Berlin. My favourite place to eat was Street Food Thursdays – the tofu burger stall was heaven.