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BEST OF 2016

best of 2016

For a year that I, and many others, thought was pretty crummy, as I reflect, it was a pretty decent year! (It was nothing like 2015, where I was able to backpack across Europe for 3 months, but it will probably be hard to compare anything to that year. Best of 2015 can be found here!)

Below you can find a roundup of my top 25 blog posts and videos of 2016. In 2016 revamped my blog, I started to make more videos, talked about cruelty-free, vegan beauty, made vegan guides to cities, traveled to San Fransisco, Portland, both Eat Drink Vegans, BeautyCon, and SoCal Vegfest.

I also was a podcast guest, featured in interviews, started to write a vegan column, and appeared on vegan travel lists. (More links to features can be found on my About Me Page!)

I hope you enjoy this roundup as much as I enjoyed creating it. It’s always nice to reflect and I’m thankful I have this platform to do so.

europe video

Europe 2015 Vlog

get to know me

Get to Know Me

a vegan guide to los angeles

A Vegan Guide to Los Angeles

euro trip packing

Euro Trip Packing

vegan pizza napoli italy

Vegan Pizza | Napoli, Italy

vegan options in amsterdam

Vegan Options in Amsterdam

a guide to paris france

A Guide to Paris, France

a guide to athens greece

A Guide to Athens, Greece

road trip packin

Packing for Portland, Oregon


Cruelty-Free, ⓥ Beauty Empties

eat drink vegan la

Eat Drink Vegan, LA

beauty con la

BeautyCon Los Angeles

whats in my bag

What’s in my Bag

how i built my blog

How I Built My Blog

liebster award travel edition

Liebster Award ⓥ Travel Edition

a vegan guide to hb

A Vegan Guide to Huntington Beach

oc to sf

Mini Road Trip OC ⇢ SF

a vegan guide to santorini greece

A Vegan Guide to Santorini, Greece

vegan options in berlin germany

Vegan Options in Berlin

vegan options in paris france

Vegan Options in Paris, France

vegan options in athens greece

Vegan Options in Athens, Greece

a vegan guide to portland oregon

Vegan Guide to Portland, Oregon

socal vegfest 2016

SoCal Vegfest 2016

eat drink vegan pdx

Eat Drink Vegan, PDX

disney challenge with andrea

Disney Challenge with Andrea

Not too shabby! I appreciate you following along in 2016 and I’m looking forward to an even better 2017! So feel free to follow along for more videos, vegan travel & beauty.

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